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The Founder and Executive Coach of Pugliese Public Relations is Accredited by the Public Relations Society of America and is the Winner of PRSA’s

Silver Anvil and Thoth Awards

Many companies turn to external public relations professionals to help them manage their corporate reputations. Dealing with the media, handling crises, or organizing events can be time consuming and not for the faint-hearted.  Everyone has a story to tell. Have you told your story effectively?

Let us help communicate your unique messages about business, non-profit, community and government operations to the media and the public. With the right professional team and clarified message, we can unlock the world of media and public relations opportunities.

Benefits of Public Relations

The benefit of using a public relations professional to gain visibility is that they can view your business from a different vantage point—one that picks up the good news that the media would be interested in but you may think too mundane to be of merit. The advantage of employing an outside counselor is that they will apply the consistency, continuity and momentum that is essential for media relations to be effective.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Cost-effective: Public Relations can be much more cost-effective than other forms of marketing, such as advertising.

Influence: When your good work receives media attention, it influences opinions about your company and products.

Expertise: When the media write about your company or seek your opinions, it raises the bar as you are now positioned as the experts.

Increased Sales Leads: Media coverage in the trade or consumer media generates leads for your sales department.

Awareness: Public Relations makes people aware of your technologies, products, and services.

Education: Public Relations is a very effective tool for educating markets about new technologies and products.

Credibility: A key benefit of public relations as a communications tool is the high degree of credibility perceived in the mind of the reader/viewer when compared to other marketing methods.

Differentiation: Once the market is educated and interest has been generated in a product or technology, public relations messages must differentiate a brand from their competition.

Third Party Endorsement: When another party, such as a journalist or other expert, endorses your product or technology you gain credibility.

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