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   Pugliese Public Relations (PPR) offers interactive public relations and marketing workshops for entrepreneurs and staff members of nonprofit organizations and corporations. Our workshops can transform an entire organization into a communications machine and make it clear that when everybody becomes a goodwill ambassador for the organization—everybody wins.

  We believe that every employee plays a role in enhancing the image, services and products of the organization. Our workshops show employees how to recognize opportunities to promote the organization, and when opportunities present themselves, to know what to say and have the right materials and information at hand.

  Our Public Relations Workshops are designed to appeal to both beginning and experienced professionals interested in learning how to use public relations as an asset for their business endeavors. Participants will learn about the key elements of successful public relations, including how to create the right message and orchestrate its delivery to the marketplace, as well as offering solutions to common public relations pitfalls.

   These intensive public relations workshops are ideal for those companies looking to train internal public relations staff on best practices, prepare regional communications teams, or proactively provide specialized media coaching.

  Our Marketing Workshops can help improve your organization’s visibility, strengthen relationships and capture more revenue—without spending a fortune! These flexible workshops can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your group or target audience. Each highly interactive session also gives the attendees a chance to connect, generate ideas, collaborate, and brainstorm.

   Our marketing workshops are educational, fun, interactive and relevant to the work of your organization. They are designed to be fully customizable to meet your specific training needs and fit within your timeline and budget.

   All of our programs are highly interactive with time allocated for participants to use and practice their newly acquired skills while in the classroom. This can include developing a positioning statement or refining messaging for their own company’s product or service as part of the workshop exercises. By completing this work in class, participants are better prepared to develop and implement public relations and marketing plans and campaigns immediately after the workshop.

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To give our attendees additional support, we offer four e-books that compliment our public relations and marketing workshops:  Public Relations Manual: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, How to Work With the Media, Marketing Your Business for Success, and the PR Survival Kit.  They are excellent reference materials to use in your business.

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