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Pugliese Public Relations offers a variety of programs and flexible pricing plans to suit our clients’ needs and budgets.  We offer a Price List for pay-as-you-go ease, a Subscription Program, a Public Relations Coaching Program, a Media Coaching Program, and Public Relations Counseling Retainer Packages.  Contact us for information on our Public Relations Programs and Pricing Options tailored to your requirements and your anticipated levels of activity.

Public Relations Programs and Pricing Options

Public relations has proven to be the most cost effective way to create brand awareness and boost sales. At Pugliese Public Relations, we believe that everyone deserves the same opportunity to have their message delivered professionally and effectively.  Pugliese Public Relations works with small and medium sized companies, helping them to promote products and services to their target audiences.

Our mission is to provide savvy public relations strategies to businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and other individuals at a fraction of the cost charged by most traditional public relations agencies. We want to build your profile, create market awareness and ultimately help increase your bottom line. Public relations can achieve all this and more.

Because each client is different, we offer consultations designed to help provide our clients with strategies and services that are tailored to their specific venture. We will work with a client to create custom campaigns that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Whether you are interested in using one of our many public relations programs or you prefer to use our services on an as-needed basis, we will work with you to get measurable results.

In order to accommodate businesses and organizations of all sizes, Pugliese Public Relations offers the following Public Relations Programs and Pricing Options:

Price List (Pay-as-you-go)

This is the easiest and most flexible solution for individual projects such as editing, copywriting and news releases. It is a service that focuses on effective public relations for short term or one-time projects. It is affordable public relations on an as-needed basis and is a good choice for projects such as brochures or media kits. We do not recommend our pay-as-you-go plan for on-going public relations activity, as it will not deliver the sustained level necessary for the best results. It is exactly what it says it is—a flexible service that provides you with just what you need without committing you to ongoing expense. So, whatever you need, just tell us and we will work with you to ensure that you get it. The benefits of the Price List option are that there is a fixed cost, no hidden charges, and it is easy and convenient.

You can use our Price List option if you are a small business and want a short term boost, if you are not sure if public relations will work for you and want to try it out, if you want to vary your expenses in line with your need, or if you want to make a splash with one project at a time.  Contact us for a copy of our current Price List.

Subscription Program

Our Subscription Program is similar to the retainer concept but the rates are much lower. You buy a specified list of options from us on a regular basis. This choice is the best solution for start-ups or low-volume users. With this plan, you have the confidence of knowing you have public relations backup if you need it, without the commitment to a high monthly retainer. Our Subscription Program can be used when you already know that public relations works, when you know you need a longer-term public relations campaign to generate an ongoing level of coverage, or when you want to set your budget in advance.

For just $99.99 per month, you will receive:

*  Four news releases each year (One per quarter)

*  Monthly publicity monitoring to keep you informed of any media opportunities that can get your business media coverage

*  One 60-minute telephone or in-person consultation with an experienced public relations professional each month

*  A 20% discount on all public relations services (Refer to Price List for Services)

Contact us for more information on our public relations Subscription Program.

Public RelationsCoaching Program

If you are the owner of a small or growing business, our public relations and marketing Coaching Program may be just the thing for you. It effectively banishes the need for an outside public relations agency by bringing you up to speed on everything you need to know about public relations—and supports and motivates you or your team as you carry it out.

Taking the form of monthly public relations strategy sessions (which take place on the telephone), plus unlimited e-mail support in between, our small business public relations coaching means that without ever leaving your own office or home you will learn how to plan and carry out your own public relations and marketing campaigns. You will have an experienced expert public relations coach who can brainstorm ideas with you, suggest angles that you might never have come up with, and keep you informed of any publications and media opportunities that will get your business fantastic media coverage.

Our Public Relations Coaching Program is only $165 per month. Mentoring will consist of a one hour coaching call per month, plus e-mail support whenever you need it.  There’s no minimum or maximum monthly limit on our coaching. Some clients only need a few months to be up and away—other clients we have had for many years and they now look upon us as a vital part of their public relations activity in their own small and growing businesses.  Contact us for more information on our public relations Coaching Program.

Media Coaching Program (for Individuals)

   Are you running a business and want to raise your professional profile by becoming a featured expert in the media? Do you see yourself being interviewed by TV or radio, but aren't sure how to make it happen?  If you'd like help in attracting publicity, you can sign up for one of our Media Coaching sessions.

   Media coaching teaches techniques for everything from neutralizing loaded questions, to anticipating journalists' queries. Learn how to turn negative questions into positive answers, how to deal with reporters who interrupt or paraphrase, and how to prepare for media encounters and difficult announcements.

Media Coaching Basic Session

This is a 60-minute face-to-face or telephone coaching session, with two weeks' e-mail support afterwards. It may be suitable for you:

If you have a media interview coming up and would like help in getting fully prepared,


If you want to get started on attracting publicity but aren't sure what to do next.

The fee for the Basic Session is $195.

Media Coaching Advanced Program

This is a 3-stage program for small businesses. It includes:

2 hours of personal coaching to help you formulate a publicity plan.  This can be taken either as one face-to-face session or two 60-minute telephone coaching sessions.

A review of your Website and publicity materials (news releases, media kit).  This feedback will let you know what a journalist may think of this material and what tweaks could improve it.
1 month's unlimited e-mail coaching after the telephone session to help you get started with your publicity activities.

The fee for the Advanced Program is $295.

We can prepare a proposal for group Media Coaching.

Public RelationsCounseling Retainer Packages (Fixed Fee Retainer)

If you need regular counseling or public relations work done on a monthly basis, you can take advantage of discounted hourly rates based on a monthly retainer fee (only a limited number of clients are placed on retainer at any given time).

You can sign up for public relations counseling retainers for your public relations planning, strategy, and evaluation needs, to help improve your image and reputation, deal with crisis communications, raise awareness, handle your media relations strategy, and more. 

This is the most cost-effective plan for sustained campaigns and fixed-term projects. We will agree with you in advance the activities we will undertake on your behalf. The cost of the program is then split across 3, 6 or 12 months and billed monthly.

With a fixed-fee retainer, our services are available at no additional cost within the scope of the agreed activities. Any additional work, such as photography, site visits and printing are added to the monthly bill, subject to your prior approval.

The fixed-fee retainer is by far our most popular option as it allows us to work pro-actively and to respond quickly to media opportunities as they arise without affecting the agreed public relations budget. This is the ideal plan for sustained activity. Contact us for more information on our public relations Counseling Retainer Packages.


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